Xorto is a seaside village, 46 km from Volos and only 3 km from Milina and Argalasti. It is a village of impressive natural beauty and is drowned in olive groves that reach to the sea.
The mountain village of Lavkos is also very close, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the mountain and the sea in a harmonious combination. Xorto is a beautiful village where tranquility and peaceful scenery dominate and is the ideal base for accommodation, as it has easy access to villages and attractions of Pelion.

It has modern facilities that offer modern comforts and facilities, at the same time as the traditional Pelioreite element. Here you will enjoy peace and tranquility, but also beautiful experiences through pleasant activities, such as hiking, cycling, swimming, water sports, and other activities organized by professionals. Xorto has beautiful beaches with clear waters, paths that pass through the village and lead to clearings or points with a beautiful view.

The houses and buildings of the village follow the Pelion architecture, which harmonizes with the natural environment and highlights its beauty. That’s why the image of the village is truly enchanting, as the stone combined with the wood, gives the feeling of the old as well as the aesthetics.